Discovery Air Defence (DA Defence)

BAE Systems lost the contract to this civil Canadian company which has actually based seven A-4N Skyhawk in Wittmund since 2014 with a staff of 28 people including seven pilots.

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a single engine subsonic aircraft which was developed for the US Navy and Marines Corps and had its first flight 1954.

The A-4N is the modified exported version of the US Marines Corps A-4M Skyhawk, which have a modern glass cockpit and avionics. These former Israel Air Force airframes are now registrated in Canada.

The costs amount only about a third of that of the Typhoon if it performs the same missions and the contractual 1200 flight hours between DA Defence and the military partners are hardly enough.

The company is expected to expand at the airbase in Northern Germany and will serve the job until at least end of 2019 which contents fast target towing, threat simulation, forward air controller training and simulated bomb and rocket attack tasks.

For the exercise the RM-30A1 reeling machine and launcher is used in combination with the Cassidian Do-SK6 BSH pod which is towing the 15m long banner target at least about 500m behind the Skyhawk.

DA Defence aircrafts based at Wittmund:

  • C-FGZD 367 Bu-No.:159051
  • C-FGZE 495 Bu-No.:159623
  • C-FGZH 534 Bu-No.:159536
  • C-FGZI 531 Bu-No.:159533
  • C-FGZO 532 Bu-No.:159534
  • C-FGZS 337 Bu-No.:158730
  • C-FGZT 542 Bu-No.:159544