Victoria Police

Air Wing

Under the motto „Uphold the Right“ the Victoria Police Air Wing is serving the southeastern australian state since 1975. The Police Air Wing Victoria is based in Essendon airfield in Melbourne which was Melbourne’s main airport until 1970 and is now used by general aviation, government and aircraft maintenance companies.

The Police share some helicopters with Ambulance Victoria for rescue missions, which are flown by mixed crews. The main tasks are to uphold the law, control the road traffic, special forces transport, search and rescue, aerial photography, and aeromedical missions.

The fleet consists of 1 EC-135 T2+ and 3 AS-365N3 Dauphin.

VH-PVD         AS-365N3 Dauphin   c/n6846   Police/ Ambulance

VH-PVG         AS-365N3 Dauphin   c/n6597   Police/ Ambulance

VH-PVH         AS-365N3 Dauphin   c/n6604   Police

VH-PVE         EC-135 T2+    c/n0834   Police